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Save Energy, Money and be More Comfortable

In these tough economic times, energy saving is an opportunity to save money and that's what this site is about. 
It's been created to share my own experiences in the hope of helping or inspiring you with yours. 

Unfortunately, the way to achieve savings is often portrayed as enduring greater hardship. That is, being colder and more uncomfortable. But that doesn't have to be the way. By identifying where your energy is used it's often possible to make really low cost improvements with significant benefits to comfort.

Energy saving advice applied to a real house.

So you think your house is quite efficient and the opportunities are small? Well you might be surprised when you start looking!  My house is typical of tens of thousands in the UK and I set about taking a detailed look at how the energy was being utilised and how much heat was being lost through, for example, the walls and windows. 

This site attempts to record my findings and the estimated savings that could be possible. That's something at the heart of the Governments new Green Deal program.


It's important to emphasise that the project house is typical of tens of thousands in the UK. And as such the work proved that there are considerable, easy savings to be made individually and as a country. It's only when you take a detailed look at literally the bricks and mortar of your house that you begin to appreciate the simple improvements that can be made.

Future Direction

After the obvious (or often not too obvious) insulation and draught stripping work has been done then what next? My personal opinion is that there is much work to be done on energy measurement and control. For that reason my efforts have latterly been focussed on wireless measurement and control systems the results of which are documented in the blog to be found on the left.


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