Conservation And Comfort

Conservation is about using energy more effectively and efficiently and to do this requires insulation, controls and building design. Integral to this is the creation of a comfortable environment because this can seriously influence consumption.

For example, a window area can be double glazed but still cold because the glass presents a relatively cold surface that can often cause discomfort. Consequently, a seating area next to a large window might not be desirable in winter. People using that area will probably require the temperature of the room to be increased to compensate. As a result the majority of the room will be overheated causing excessive heat loss. Another example would be air vents that cause draughts when poorly sited.

Therefore, energy saving measures may well benefit from an appraisal of room layout. If this is not possible then insulation and heating improvements aimed primarily at comfort may be a good investment to avoid overheating the whole house for the sake of a small area.