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Insulated Radiator Panel

The project house has 2 radiators on poorly insulated external walls so insulated panels have been fitted behind these radiators.

The most important criteria I wanted of a panel was

  • Unobtrusive
  • Fitted and removed very easily
  • Inexpensive

This is my current solution. A panel of 12mm thick foil backed foam board held in place with two home made springs. The springs are made from gardening wire purchased from Wilkinsons. The board is a little bit harder to get hold of and the best source is a builders merchant. Corrugated cardboard could be another option.

Although not spring steel the wire has sufficient strength to hold the panel against the wall and is extremely unobtrusive and easy to fit. It was made from a 0.5m length of wire using an aerosol can as a former.

Overall, it is unobtrusive took very little time and skill to make and fit. The cost of materials is probably not much more than £1 a panel!