The door audit of the project house identified problems causing heat loss and opportunities for energy and money saving.

For the external doors the identified work was to quite simply address the door seals. For the back door this was as simple as fitting draught strip. For the uPVC front door,  one that could be assumed to need no work by virtue of its modern design, the remedial work was more difficult. This required refitting and even then the basic design was less than would be expected giving little scope for improvement.

For the internal doors there is the opportunity to save heat by ensuring that they are kept closed if possible. This allows individual room temperatures to be better managed. For a good nights sleep the recommendation is that bedrooms should be cooler than the living areas. In reality all doors in the project house are often left open causing air to rise from the warmer downstairs living area to upstairs sleeping areas. This makes temperature control more difficult and causes significant draughts.