Door Audit

Heat Loss and Remedial Work

The purpose of the Door Audit section is to identify and highlight heat loss causes and possible remedial work in a house typical of tens of thousands in the UK.

 Problem ImpactDate RectifiedRemedial Work
 Back Door    
Door tread draught seal missingThe seal on the back door tread is missing. (Clicking on the image will open an enlarged view in which the slot that accepts the seal can be seen in the wooden tread).Creating a cold area around the door.06/12/2011Vertical strip fitted into groove with foam draught strip on the inner face. The door has a rebate that closes against the foam resulting in a rain and draught seal. 
 Front Door    
Front door hinge fault.
The uPVC door does not seal properly.Allows draughts in the hall.Started 13/12/2011Seal on door frame replaced but still draughty. Seal on door to be replaced. Current seal found not to bridge hinges and this appears to be the source of most of the draughts.
Door rehung to provide better fit. 
Internal doors, especially bedroom doors are often openIt is recommended for good sleep that bedrooms are kept relatively cool. The open doors allow warmer downstairs air to enter the bedrooms. Heat loss is increased, control is reduced and comfort is reduced. Fit door closers which are readily available for a few pounds.
Cold draught felt at the bottom of the stairs caused by exchange of air from warm downstairs rooms to upstairs bedrooms. See above.  Fit door closers which are readily available for a few pounds.

Draught Stripping Wooden Back Door and uPVC Front Door

Adhesive backed rubber draught excluder applied to wooden door frame to stop draughts around door. 
Adhesive backed rubber draught strip applied to threshold strip to stop draughts under door. 
Replaceable rubber seal on uPVC door. One seal is part of the door frame and mates with the outside face of the door. The other is part of the door and mates with the inside edge of the frame.