Cavity Wall Insulation

Wall design has changed over the years. For brick built houses, only in relatively recent years has the design incorporated a cavity between the inner and outer walls. Initially this design did not contain insulation but an upgrade is possible by drilling holes through the outer wall and injecting insulation into the cavity.

Dry Lining and Exterior Cladding

For walls without a cavity the solution is to install insulation on the inside or outside. Needless to say both represent a significant amount of work.

Dry lining is the installation of insulation on the inside walls. Needless to say dry lining requires alteration of all the interior features and fittings attached to the walls e.g. power outlets, light switches, door openings radiators.

Exterior cladding is applied to the outside walls and can take a variety of forms. Perhaps the simplest form is slabs of insulation attached to the wall surface and finished with a weather proof render. An alternative finish could also be decorative sheeting or boarding including wood. However, external cladding also requires door, windows, drains etc to be taken into account.