Window Improvements

This section looks at problems found and work done on the windows.

Problems that had to be addressed

The problem areas found in the project house can be categorised as

  • Worn window seals allowing draughts
  • Gaps between wall and window and door frames.
  • General bad fitting of the window and door units resulting in damage to the frames.
It's important to know where the heating energy is being lost when considering improvements. For the project house this was calculated and can be found in the Fabric Heat Loss section under Calculations.  

Heat Loss as a Percentage of the Total

Before Insulation

When the house was first built the doors and windows accounted for 20% of the total heat loss for the house. The greater loss being attributable to the roof(45%) and walls(27%). So, insulation of the roof and walls were the priority projects especially since this was relatively inexpensive. 

After Insulation

After carrying out wall and roof insulation and installing double glazing the windows now account for 42% of the total for the house. The loss through the roof is now 5% and walls 34%. (This may look like the situation has worsened but in real terms the energy loss is less). However, it does show that even with double glazing the windows are a major source of heat loss and worth more attention.

Other information that will hopefully be of value is to be found in the other sections of Window Improvements.   

The section "Financial Savings" gives an estimate of the cost of the energy being lost.
The section "Energy Saving Advice" details work that can be done to eliminate these sources of heat loss.

The section "Window Audit" contains the findings from a survey of a real house.